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5 + 1 Keynotes to remember

Unfortunately most tech content is bullshit, still there are solid cornerstones of the engineering society. They do raise their voices and did keynotes at conferences. These are the keynotes I watched more than once, some are dire, some are hilarious. Use them for inspiration, learning or simply just for fun.

Jonathan Blow: Preventing the Collapse of Civilization at DevGAMM 2019

He is an American video game designer and programmer, who is best known as the creator of the independent video games Braid and The Witness.

James Mickens: Computers are a Sadness, I am the Cure at Monitorama PDX 2014

Caveat: I do maintain the James Mickens Shrine so it was a hard decision. The classic.

David Beazley: Discovering Python at PyCon 2014

What happens when you lock a Python programmer in a secret vault containing 1.5 TBytes of C++ source code and no internet connection? Python as a secret weapon of "discovery" in an epic legal battle.

Gary Bernhardt: The Birth & Death of JavaScript at PyCon 2014

This science fiction / comedy / absurdist / completely serious talk traces the history of JavaScript, and programming in general, from 1995 until 2035

Joe Armstrong: The Mess We're In at Strange Loop 2014

The late Joe Armstrong was one of the inventors of Erlang and a great storyteller.

+1: Chris Ford: African Polyphony & Polyrhythm at Strange Loop 2016

Now this is an odd choice, isn't it? It's about models, reality, data, interpretation, culture. Also in-browser music.