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Learn from the Pros: Guest speakers of our first cohort

While following the core 12-week curriculum of the data engineering bootcamp, (almost) every Thursday a selected guest speaker will share their experience on the latest domain that’s being covered, and they will be available for AMA for our students: team structures, tech stacks, hiring processes and the future of the trade - no stone will remain unturned.

Data engineering feels like a black box for a lot of people even after spending some time with the subject matter, and I have to admit, it can be difficult to imagine the everyday life of a data professional. That is why we’ve invited some experienced practitioners to our (currently virtual) campus: our participants will have an opportunity to learn how they can put their knowledge to use, and see how others have built their careers on competences in the intersection of data and software engineering.

We’ll have freelancers who are enjoying working remotely, industry veterans who are on the lookout for new talent for their teams, subject matter experts who have designed our built significant parts of the digital products all of us use on a daily basis… and so on. It’s a very diverse list of perspectives.

Without any further ado, please check out the list of guest speakers for our very first cohort (in order of proposed appearance):

Balázs Krich

Balázs is a data professional with exposure to product, data science and engineering. Having worked in media, banking, real estate, supply chain and e-commerce he also contributed to non-profit projects and data journalism as an Aaron Swartz Fellow at the Open Society Archives. A recent project of his covered collecting and standardizing all transactions in the European Strategic and Investment Funds (ESIF) between 2014 and 2020.

LinkedIn, GitHub

Bence Faludi, Singapore

Bence is a Data Engineer at Facebook. He made major contributions to several open source data munging tools like mETL, hamustro and night-shift. A recent conference talk of his is Data Architecture 101 for Your Business. He was featured in the legendary #idataengineer podcast.

LinkedIn, GitHub

Dr. Martin Loetzsch,

Martin is the Chief Data Officer at Project A Ventures, the operational VC. He built several data teams, and made major contributions to the open source ETL tool, mara. Two highlights of his recent conference talks are Data Warehousing with Python and ETL Patterns with Postgres. He was also featured in our #idataengineer podcast.

LinkedIn, Website

Stefan Urbanek, Taipei

Stefan is a Data Infrastructure Architect who contributed to the infra of Facebook, Squarespace and Orange. His open source projects include the OLAP tool Cubes and ETL tool Bubbles. He talks about Cubes at Data Warehouse and Conceptual Modeling with Cubes 1.0.

LinkedIn, Website

Miklós Koren, Budapest

Miklós teaches reproducible coding practices to economists to help them maximize their scientific impact. He believes in the command line, plain text, and that every problem can be solved with the right combination of Stata, Python, Julia, git, and make. He is Professor of Economics at Central European University and the Data Editor of the Review of Economic Studies, a leading scientific journal.

LinkedIn, Research, Training, Twitter

Andreas Dewes, Berlin

Andreas is a serial entrepreneur whose current company, KIProtect makes data security and data privacy easy for companies and organizations.

LinkedIn, GitHub

Rahul Jain,

Rahul is a Principal Engineering Manager of Business Intelligence at Omio with decades of experience both as a manager and engineer.

LinkedIn, Blog, Mentoring Club Profile, Twitter

Daniel Oliveira Filho,

Daniel is a Lead Production Engineer at Shopify. He is a DevOps expert and practitioner who is also interested in the scaling questions of the online gaming industry.

LinkedIn, GitHub

Flávio Clésio, Berlin

Flávio is a Staff Data Engineer at Artsy. A machine learning and data engineer with teaching experience in data warehousing. A recent conference talk of his is Preventing Revenue Leakage and Monitoring Distributed Systems.

LinkedIn, Website