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Our 2021 in a Nutshell

It's the time of the year when everybody is trying to summarise what happened in the last 12 months: 'best of' lists, highlights of the year and predictions for 2022 are dominating your inbox. This blog post is not different either.

2020 was definitely eventful, and 2021 came with its own set of surprises. But Pipeline Academy finally managed to get off the ground, we've launched three amazing cohorts and had loads of fun together with people from across the globe — literally. The chat with Tobias Macey on the Data Engineering Podcast serves as memento for how we've felt after our first cohort had graduated.

Other than that, here are just a few of the highlights that shaped our year:

Data engineering as an economic force and a career path is skyrocketing, thousands of people in tech and data realise how crucial these technical skills are. If you're struggling with half-baked online courses, or if you're looking for a significant increase in your salary... you know where to find us.

Thanks to all supporters, expert speakers, clients and participants for having our backs.

Happy holidays and a happy new year. Stay safe and healthy.

Daniel and Peter