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What Did You Build at Pipeline Academy? This.

Data engineers have to wear many different hats at the same time: they are architects, designers, builders, maintainers, procurement and quality assurance — to just name a few. If you’d like to break into this profession, you need to prove that you can do all of the above, and more.

One of the key assets you can use to do that is a data product that you’ve built with your own hands. Last summer we’ve already covered the expectations towards a portfolio project in detail, focusing on a general outline and approach. Take a good look:

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The data engineering Portfolio project

If you’ve never built a data stack from scratch, it’s difficult to imagine how it’s done. Especially when you face a timeline of 12 days total without any real buffers.

Meanwhile, we see the following patterns emerge:

  • some participants come with a clear project idea, they would like to put a machine learning model into production, or would like to revamp the supporting infrastructure.

  • some come with a data stack problem that they are currently facing at work, and they need professional guidance and clarity about how to go about solving it.

  • furthermore - and this might be the most frequent setup - some people come without any clue about what they really wan’t to build. And that’s totally fine.

Below you can find seven outstanding examples for the capstone projects of our alumni. They include air quality monitoring IoT solutions, maps for tracking invasive species in Europe, a Billboard chart for the hottest NFTs and so much more…

They are a great showcase of what you can do with the technologies you learn in our course. Without any further ado, here’s a short list of the projects and products our graduates have built during 2021.

Portfolio projects

Kiril Kasjanov: Wikipedia Event Streaming and Real-Time Analytics with Kafka + ElasticStack

Patrycja Ottawa: Wind turbine monitoring

Sarah Ni: NFTcharts: Uncovering Trade Activity & Hot Trends

Widad Iqbal Mogral: Invasive Species in EU Mapper

Lukas Hondrich: Realtime-ish Twitter Radio

Florian Motz: eMobility availability at VBB Points Of Interests

Romina Nikolova: Free Air Quality Monitoring

Interested in building something similar with the guidance of industry experts? Just hit the apply button and let’s have a chat!