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A data engineering crash course teaching you how to build a data product within a week

The camp happens between May 18-22th (Mon-Fri) 9-17h with 8 people (invite only) in a live remote classroom setting via Zoom and Slack. It’s for data analysts, software engineers, and data scientists who'd like to amp up their data engineering skills. It’s organized by Daniel & Peter

… and it’s for FREE.

Implementing a data product built upon your own data from popular digital services

Get your data from different sources (social platforms, media streaming, location-based services, content providers, e-commerce, health/fitness… you name it!)
Touch base on data warehousing
Create a data model
Load and serve your data
Deploy your data service in the cloud
Apply processes and frameworks
Share your code with the community and demonstrate ability.

Some of the tools we’ll talk about:

SQLite Home Page: 3.5 billion devices can't go wrong.
PythonAnywhere: Host, run, and code Python in the cloud!
datasette: A tool for exploring and publishing data.
Docker: Just enough.

The prerequisites we expect from you:

You can parse JSON in Python,
You can run aggregates in SQL,
You can handle your own GitHub repo.

If you don't feel comfortable with any of the above, you can catch up quickly here:

Python for Everybody | Coursera
Introduction to GitHub | GitHub Learning Lab
Select Star SQL

What do you get out of this?

Build your own presentable data product within a week (E2E)
Gain a practical overview of data engineering processes and landscape, experience the role of a data engineer in various contexts
Learn from a renowned industry expert in an open and engaging environment
Expand your skillset and level up your career

Data engineering is one of the disciplines within tech that seems to remain very strong even during the current pandemic, and we anticipate a rising demand for this skillset once the worst is over. With our current initiative, we intend to support businesses and individuals to get access to or improve their competences through a very practical sample of what we've experienced throughout the last 10+ years of our professional careers. This is the way we believe we can support the best way during the pandemic.

Why are we doing this?

Where is the catch?

The only thing we'd like to ask from you in exchange: feedback. Our goal is to create and transfer expertise that you can apply in your everyday data processes, and we would like to understand if we've achieved this, whether we're on the right track. It's a major step towards validating our idea about setting up the world's first coding boot camp for data engineering (and data ops).