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Financing options


As a certified partner of the Agentur für Arbeit we are able to accept a Bildungsgutschein. In case you need
any assistance with getting one, please check out this guide or contact us directly.

upfront payment

After making the initial €3.000 handling fee and deposit payment, cover the remainder of the total tuition of €11.990 (full-time course) or €8.990 (part-time course) as a lump sum before your class begins.

Deferred payment

Pay for your tuition in flat monthly instalments: €3.000 handling fee and deposit payment are required at signup, and monthly instalments apply after course launch. When choosing this option, the total fee increases to €12.290 (full-time course) and €9.290 (part-time course).

LEarn first and pay later with an income share agreement (ISA)

In exchange for coming up for the tuition fee, participants agree to pay a percentage of their post-course salary for a set period of time. For more details please check out the website of our partner Chancen eG. When choosing this option, the total fee increases to €12.990 (full-time course).

Company financed participation

More and more committed employees are on the lookout for learning new skills and applying these at their current employer. In order to make the company they work for cover their course tuition, they set up a business case and convince their managers to invest into education to increase productivity and employer satisfaction at the same time.

For Applicants in financial need we offer scholarships in the form of reduced tuition fees.

Please check here whether you are eligible for a scholarship and how to apply.