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Pipeline Data Engineering Academy

data craftsmanship beyond the AI-hype

Learn the fundamentals of building sustainable data infrastructures that power data products, business intelligence and machine learning systems. Join the world’s first and leading online course for data engineering and architecture, led by industry experts.

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Our unique approach and course structure allow you to understand the hottest new data management tools and trends, and compare them with timeless practices. Make mistakes and apply common sense along the way.
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No vague promises about AI-magic and no superfluous Kaggle challenges. You’re going to build reliable data products and learn how to manage their infrastructure sustainably. You can leave your Jupyter notebook at home.
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Learn how to make decisions through realistic assignments in a constantly changing data tooling landscape. Train your inner compass to be ready for whatever challenge the future brings. Your career will thank you.
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Collaborate to succeed together

Solving a data-related problem requires an open mind, active communication and empathy. Ask critical questions and make the right points. Learn with and from your peers and connect with world-class guest speakers. Read our FAQ

What our students say

I’ve chosen Pipeline Academy because I wanted to learn how to bring data products to life - from end to end. After my graduation I am totally able to apply for Data Engineering or similar positions. I know about the tools, have tried them during the course or at least know how to learn or replace the „fast-fashion“ ones amongst them.
Lisa-Marie Krause, Pipeline Academy Graduate

The three months of the bootcamp were the most shaping and career boosting experience I've had so far. The approach Peter and Daniel take might draw some questions at first, as it's not concentrated on constant programming exercises where you learn specific solutions to specific problems but instead it goes way beyond that […].
Tomek Florek, Data Engineer at Plugsurfing

In this course I gained so much more than the knowledge about data architecture. I learned the generic approach of how to move forward in an unknown technical field, how to tackle bugs, how to separate good products from confusing ones.
Guoda Paulikaite, Pipeline Academy Graduate

After some Data Engineering classes with Daniel, I decided not use csv files or data transformations in pandas anymore. The quantity of python boiler plate code for simple stuff was reduced by 90%. I feel 10 years younger.
Flávio Clésio, Staff Engineer at Artsy

Daniel & Peter take you from data application development to CI/CD pipelines and production deployment in the simplest, clearest and fastest fashion. Highly recommend it to all who want to pursue a data engineering path.
Alexandru Dina-Gargala, Head of Product at expondo GmbH

I really liked the way of Daniel’s in-depth explanation with so much live examples and cases that give you an idea of how different problems can be solved in different scenarios. I learned so much and this definitely gave me the push I needed to explore new territories of DE. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to start their career as Data Engineer.
Sonali Nayak, Data Science Engineer at TD Reply

As someone who has taught data science for a while, the most impressive thing was the simplicity of the stack. It is very easy when teaching to complicate things for students, or to teach complex tools that confuse more than help.
Adam Green, Data Engineer at Gridcognition