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Are you trying to enter the data industry as a data engineer, or planning on getting your next promotion in your data career?

Did you get lost in the overwhelming labyrinth of online data engineering courses?

Do you find job descriptions for data engineer roles intimidating and full of buzzwords you haven’t heard about yet?

Would you like to know how you can build proper data infrastructure that’s built to last?

Joining Pipeline Academy will enable you to access the most sophisticated and most in-demand competency in the data ecosystem.

You’ll learn the essential skills and a timeless approach that enable you to build complex data products, machine learning systems, business intelligence infrastructure and data analytics tools.

The 12-week full-time online bootcamp or the 9-week part-time course set you up level up your career in tech and become an invaluable player in any data-driven organisation. Learn how mobility startups, fintech unicorns, music and video streaming services, ecommerce giants and renowned Fortune 500 companies create products and services built on data.