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The Data Janitor Letters - February 2022

Data engineering salon. News and interesting reads about the world of data.

The Unbundling of Airflow
Gorkem Yurtseven, Co-Founder, Features and Labels

A diverse set of tools is unbundling Airflow and this diversity is causing substantial fragmentation in modern data stack.

Rebundling the Data Platform
Nick Schrock, Founder, Elementl

A fundamentally new approach to orchestration that orients around assets rather than tasks.

Fundraising by data companies in 2021
Bence Arató, Managing Director, BI Consulting

2021 was quite an exciting year in terms of funding for both data startups and established companies. We tracked more than a hundred data-related funding events during the year.

Analytics Stacks for Startups
Jan Katins, Senior IT Consultant/Data Engineer, kreuzwerker GmbH

The stack should be relatively fast to implement (two weeks is possible), so you can quickly reap the benefits of having a data warehouse and BI Tooling in place or upload enriched data back to operational systems.

Make Your Workflows Better With This Classic Unix Tool
Adam Green, Data Engineer, Gridcognition

Make and Makefiles for data pipelines.

GDPR enforcer rules that IAB Europe's consent popups are unlawful
Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Google, Amazon, and the entire tracking industry relies on IAB Europe’s consent system, which has now been found to be illegal.

CNIL decides EU-US data transfer to Google Analytics illegal
NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights

Austrian and French Data Protection Authority: the continuous use of Google Analytics violates the GDPR.

Here's What's Wrong With GDPR
Shoshana Wodinsky, Data Reporter, Gizmodo

The EU's landmark privacy law, GDPR, was supposed to change the world of tech privacy forever. What the hell happened?

Unbiggen AI
Andrew Ng, Founder and CEO, Landing AI

"It’s time for smart-sized, “data-centric” solutions to big issues."